Interview Prep Guide

Tips on Getting Ready for Interview


Being in front of the interviewing panel is not very easy. It is a team versus you. The employer wan to find out on certain aspects of you and the whole test is done relatively. You have to be compared with the other interviewees, lucky you if you emerge to be the best or among the best. How do you prepare for the interview? Is the interview going to be the same as class work where you simply have to go through the lecturer notes? If you are seeking a post in a certain field of specialization, can the interview ask you questions which are out of the box or are you just supposed to focus on what you are trained to?


The above job interview preparation questions are very common to fresh graduates who are new to interviews. Majority of them just think that all they have to know is things related to their field. They normally forget a very crucial thing; an organization is just like a society where you have to possess various skills to fit well. For instance, if you are an accountant in a certain organization, it does not entirely mean that you will be interacting with the books of accounts only. You will be required to handle other organizational duties as well. You need skills on how to put things clearly both numerically and orally.


If you are a PR specialist, you will be required to handle various organization figures and also to analyze them as well. So, do not ask why you are being tested on interpret data and you are applying for a front office job where most of the work will entail handling customer enquiries. For more tips about job interviews, visit


Out of this, when you are getting ready for the interview, it is very advisable to prepare for various tests in various disciplines. The employer is interested in a whole professional who can handle various organizational tasks in different capacities. This is the reason why even when you were in college, you could be trained in various disciplines some of which you doubted their relevance in your career. In an interview set up, you will be given all sorts of questions all the way from data interpretation tests and questions, general knowledge, current news and finally the general knowledge tests which test your overall general speed. All that is required is your thorough preparation as well as confidence.